About me (Melanie)

I am a wife and mother, and I work part time.  I love crafting and painting!  Hope you enjoy my creations.

About AF Creations
Established the AF Creations blog in 2009. I've been crafting and painting since I was a teenager.

Serving Northern Utah, but can ship anywhere in the US. Most crafts require an extra charge for shipping. E-mail me for more info.

If you are interested in a custom craft, want a project cut that you can paint yourself, or want permission to use my photos, e-mail me:

I will not be taking any orders for a while.  My life is too busy at the moment!  
If you want a pattern, I am happy to email it to you, 
but I won't be taking any internet orders until further notice.  
Thanks!  Melanie  5/15/18

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