Feet Ghosts

I have been a busy bee working on custom orders!

Here's what I squeezed in today with help from my kids...

Here's how I did it:

First, I got a piece of 2x4 that would fit 2 footprints.

Second, paint the front black. I also did the back black.
Third, paint the sides green. I distressed mine with sand paper and watered-down black.

Fourth, (I stripped my small children down to their diapers and took them outside for this.) Pour some white paint onto a paper or plastic plate, dip one foot, and press onto board.

Fifth, after footprints are completely dry, paint eyes.
Sixth, "fleck" a.k.a. speckle the board, then spray with sealant. Tie ribbon. Write year on back.

Happy crafting! Happy Halloween!

The footprint makers:
Love them! :)
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