Big Scrap Letters

I've had some fun the last few months making letters like these:

The best part is they were free to make since I already had all the supplies!  
If you have some scrap wood or some twigs in your yard you can make these too.

Let's start with the twigs....

 First, I cut out the letter on some thin wood and sprayed it brown.

This isn't required, but I found when I sprayed the 2nd time it was easier to cover.
 Next I glued the twigs on with wood glue.

Make sure your sticks are dry!  Mine were in my garage for several weeks. Don't expect to pull some twigs right off the tree and use them right away.

I used wood glue and laid them as flat as possible.  Let it dry for a long time, even overnight.

You may need 2 layers of twigs, depending on how full you want it to look.
 After the glue was completely dry I cut the excess off with my scroll saw.
Then  I sprayed it again!

After it dried I tied it to a frame.

Now for the scrap wood letter...

First, I drew the letter onto a cereal box and cut it out.  Then I traced it onto thin wood.

Next is an "A" or "B" choice. You can either glue the wood scraps right onto the thin wood or cut out the letter first.  (I have tried both ways and found it's easier to cut out the letter first and then glue the wood on after.)

I secured the wood with nails from the underside so they wouldn't show on the front.  Over the years I have found glue PLUS pneumatic nails is the best hold.

I cut out the letter with a jigsaw this time since some of the scrap wood I used was thick.

I glued some felt on the back over the hanger and where the bottom of the C would touch the wall.

This one was a lot of fun and made me want to make more.  I kept with neutrals on this one, but just think of the color possibilities!

Hope this has given you some instructive help and ideas!  Happy crafting!!!

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