Start to Finish: LUCK blocks

Thought I'd put a spin on my regular posts, so here's the story of a craft-- start to finish.

1. IDEA First I put the image from my head onto paper, and figure out the measurements and materials.

2. MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE Next I mark and cut the wood. For this craft I used my M.I.L.'s circular saw.

Keys clutched in hand, I dash to the front door. I sneak outside before the 2 of them notice. I pull the door shut quietly, then breathe a sigh of relief. I had made my escape! Once in the winter air I zip my coat. I walk determinedly to ...the garage to cut some wood!

3. SAND Here I used a medium sanding block and fine sand paper.

Sun is pouring through the window into the kitchen where I’m sanding wood. The tiny pieces of sawdust float in the warm, bright air. My son smiles. “Bees! Bees!” he exclaims happily.

4. STAIN I put some color on the wood.

My kids, like most, are curious creatures. Often times, when I’m working at the table, they flock to the kitchen. They like to find out what I’m doing and, if at all possible, get involved. :) My daughter plays on the floor at my feet. My son stacks bottles of paint. “Tower, tower,” he points out.

5. PAPER Coordinated colors, then measured, then cut

6. MOD PODGED Stick the paper to the blocks

As I set down the last block I realize something amazing. Truly amazing. I was able to mod-podge all 4 of those blocks (consecutively) without the kids interrupting me. That’s got to be a new record! Truly amazing!

7. TRACE AND PAINT I create a template on the computer, print it out, trace using carbon paper, and finally, paint the letters. Here I did white underneath and black on top.

8. SEAL Mod podged on top to seal the paint.

That's it! Hope you enjoyed the story of this craft. Either way, I had fun! :)

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