Homemade Clocks

I saw this segment on Studio 5 and knew I had to try it!
I made this small version as a tester, and was really happy with it.
If you watch the video the following steps will be easy to understand.

Step 1: Glue and nail the boards together

Step 2: Find the center and draw a line using a 'compass'.

Step 3: Cut out the circle.  I used a jigsaw.

Step 4: (not pictured) Route out a spot on the back for the clock kit to fit into.
Step 5: Paint!  I printed a clock face off the internet.  The easier, faster way would be vinyl.

Step 6:  Attach the clock kit.  You can find these at the craft store.  If you want to make a really large clock like in the video, you can find large clock kits online.

This was a lot of fun.  It's satisfying to click the battery in and watch something you made WORKING.  I see another, larger clock in my future.
Happy crafting!

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