Kitchen bench

A friend I went to high school with, Natalie of The Creative Mom, built a beautiful farmhouse bench for 20 bucks.

After reading the instructions and drooling over the pictures I decided to try it.  I am so glad I did!  It's the biggest thing I've ever built and I am very happy with it!

Here are the resources:
The Creative Mom :
The Home Depot Blog:

Here are some snapshots/notes of our bench...

 Some of the wording in the plans threw me off at first.  Make sure you read the plans several times and understand what you're cutting so you don't waste any wood.

My cute model!

I made ours less wide so it could slide under our kitchen table.  I love how the red and farmhouse feel goes in my kitchen.  If you make one I hope you love it too!

Happy crafting!

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